Add Google Home Device

This article provides a guide on how to connect your Google Home device to your site's network.

Please Note: Google Home functionality on our network may have some limitations due to a network security setting called 'Client Isolation.' This setting, a crucial part of our standard configuration, is in place to enhance security by preventing unauthorised connections. To use your device as a Bluetooth speaker, say 'Hey Google, turn on Bluetooth,' then connect your mobile device via its Bluetooth menu.

  1. Connect your phone to your building's SSID (check with your onsite staff to confirm your site's SSID name). Verify if your phone's Bluetooth is on, then open the Google Home app and press the "+".

    home step1.jpg
  2. Click "Set up device".

  3. Click "New devices".

  4. Select a Home, click Next, and the app will look for devices.

  5. Once your Google Home is found, click "Next" to connect to it.

  6. You will hear a sound to indicate you're connected to the correct Google Home. Click "Yes".

  7. Click through the terms and conditions, choose the location for your Google Home, and give it a unique name if prompted.

  8. From the "Connect to Wi-Fi" screen, we need to get the device's MAC address. Do do so, click the three dots in the upper right corner. Next, select 'show MAC address'.


  9. Copy and save the MAC address to your clipboard. To register your Google Home device, follow the steps for adding a device for Q2 or for Exosphere.

  10. Once registered, return to the Google Home App and connect to your site's Wi-fi network by selecting the network from the available list.

    NOTE: There are occasions when the Google Home will show an error, and you will need to connect your phone to the network briefly. The Google Home will connect to the wireless network.

  11. Click through the options for setting up Google Assistant ,"Personal Results" and reviewing your set up.

  12. Click "Next" and your speaker is ready to use.

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