Using a Personal Router or Switch

Managed WiFi locations only. For Residential or Business Support Find options here

Personal Routers and Switches may not be used in Student Accommodation buildings where Superloop is providing an existing full mesh wi-fi service. Where a Personal Router or Switch is not permitted, we may disconnect the device and terminate your plan without notice.


Terms of use

See section 7.3 of the VostroNet/Superloop General Terms & Conditions regarding the use of personal routers and device number limitations.


Our Critical Information Summary also provides additional details where routers are permitted on our network.


Connecting a personal router

  • Connect an Ethernet/LAN cable from the wall port to your router
  • The cable must be attached to the WAN or INTERNET port of the router.
  • Connect a device to the router's Wi-Fi or use another LAN cable to connect a device to your router.
  • Open the configuration page of your router and follow the setup procedure.*
  • The default access details for the router are commonly printed on a label underneath the device.

 *Refer to the instruction manual or contact the manufacturer if you require further assistance.


Router configuration settings

The configuration options vary for different makes and models of router.


However, the following information will assist in the configuration.


  • Ethernet WAN Connection
  • Internet connection type: Dynamic IP
  • IP Address: DHCP / Automatically allocated
  • Login required: No

Do not select PPPoE or PPPoA as Superloop does not use this method for login.



After you have configured the router, you will need to open a web browser from a device connected to the router and sign in to the Exosphere/Q2 portal to add the router to your account.


If you are still having difficulties, we recommend a "factory reset" be performed on the router to start the configuration process from the beginning.



Superloop is limited in the amount of support it can provide for the configuration of individual routers and where they are not permitted, will disable access.


Where permitted on our network, for further assistance refer to the instruction manual of your router or contact the manufacturer for support.

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