Connecting to the WiFi

Managed WiFi locations only. For Residential or Business Support Find options here

Connecting to the wireless network is designed to be quick and easy. Our network offers two options for utilising the service. 

Where possible connect to the Superloop wireless as it offers additional performance and security but might not work for some incompatible devices, IoT or consoles. Where you are having issues connecting, the open network wireless operates in a simplified mode for maximum compatibility.


Wireless SSID Options


Superloop Secured is a wireless network using WPA2-Enterprise encryption. Your Q2 credentials (username and password) are required when connecting to this network. Always use this network if your device supports it as it provides the most optimal experience.

Superloop Open Network

The unencrypted ("open") network primarily for the purpose of signing up. Devices that do not support the main Superloop SSID network can also use this network for Internet access. To use this network, you will need to log in through a web browser or register the device's MAC address to your account.


Connecting to our network

Windows devices:

Join the secure Superloop wireless network. Enter your username and password when prompted.

Accept the security confirmation message and your device will be connected to our network.

If you receive an error message "unable to join this network", download and run the Superloop Wi-Fi installer before connecting.

Apple devices:

Join the secure Superloop wireless network. Enter your username and password when prompted.

If a window titled Verify Certificate appears, click Show Certificate and ensure the checkbox Always trust is selected.

Select Continue and you will be connected to the Superloop wireless network.

Note: Apple iOS devices such as the iPhone & iPad by default will use the setting "Private Address". Please disable this setting to ensure your device stays connected to the network.

Android devices:

Select the secure Superloop network from the list of Wi-Fi networks.

•EAP method: PEAP
•Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
•CA Certificate: Do not validate
•Identity: *Your user portal Username*
•Anonymous Identity: (blank)
•Password: *Your user portal Password*

After selecting the above options, you will now be connected to Superloop wireless.

Note: If your device is Android Q/10 version, by default it uses "Use randomised MAC. Please update to "Use device mac" under Advanced settings.

Other devices:

Connecting PlayStation 3
Connecting PlayStation 4
Connection PlayStation 5

Connecting XBOX 360
Connecting XBOX One

Connecting Nintendo DS
Connecting Nintendo Switch

Connecting Apple TV

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