Exosphere: How to Register and Create StarRez/RMS Wi-fi Account

To access the Wi-Fi, you must first register your account through the Exosphere portal. Your site's management team have created a username (email address) and a PIN number to use for this process. Before starting, please ensure you have those on hand. 


Register the Account

  1. First, please select your site's Wi-fi network SSID to prompt the portal page (check with your onsite team to confirm the network name if unsure).
  2. After selecting the Superloop Wi-Fi network, the portal page should prompt automatically. If not, or you see a message saying "Connected no Internet", open an incognito / private browser window and navigate to exosphere.works or accounts.exosphere.works to manually prompt the portal.
  3. Next, use the left-hand side StarRez or RMS log-in option and select 'Register With StarRez Details' or 'Register With RMS Details'


  4. In the next window, select your package and click 'Select'

  5. Next, provide your email address as provided by site management and click 'Next'

6. Provide your PIN code or Reservation Number also provided by site management and click 'Next'

7. On the next screen, you will see confirmation of your StarRez account being created successfully. Confirm your profile details by adding your First and Last Name and click 'Confirm'

8. Finally, connect to the Wi-fi by agreeing to the terms and conditions and click 'Accept'



Please Note: You only need to register your StarRez or RMS account once. After completing this registration process , simply use the 'Sign In' option from the same Star-Rez or RMS Member log-in area to connect your other devices.

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