Unlinked / Disabled Account

Activating your account using coupon code



If your plan has been disabled, your coupon code might be expired or your account has been unlinked from the Building management portal. To activate your plan, Ask for a new coupon code from the reception at your building. 


Follow the steps below to activate your coupon code:

  1. Connect to your building's assigned SSID. See reception if you do not know your building SSID
  2. Sign on to the user portal
  3. Click "Purchase plan" and select any plan to make the coupon field appear
Purchase Plan.PNG

    4. Enter your coupon code and click APPLY


   5.  Select the $0 Unlimited or discounted plan and select CONFIRM.


Note: Select "Scheduled Purchase" if you wish to apply changes at the end of your billing cycle.

It will start a new plan after selecting the "Change" button. If you are having issues activating your code please contact Superloop Smart Communities Help Desk for assistance.

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