Connecting a Router - Overseer

How to check if the router is configured properly

Before purchasing or connecting a router, you must first check the following things:

  1. Go to your User Profile in the Portal to enable PPPoE (Router Mode). If it is not available, you cannot use a router.
  2. You must have a working data or ethernet port in your room or unit. If you have a port, check to see if it has a signal by connecting a device using an ethernet cable. If you do not have a working ethernet port, you will not be able to connect a router.
  3. Make sure that your router does NOT have an ADSL modem. ADSL modem routers are not compatible with this service.

If your location allows you to connect a router, set it up using the following settings:

  1. In your router’s network or WAN settings, enable PPPoE connectivity, then set it up to use your username and password to authenticate.
  2. Enter the same credentials you use in the portal, but this time include the correct domain for your site. For example; "", or "
  3. Make sure the PPPoE settings are set to "Always On" mode if it is available.
  4. (Optional) Set a manual DNS server on your router, you can set the primary to and the secondary to under your router connection settings.

Only you are responsible for the correct configuration of your router. Our helpdesk is unable to assist with the setup of any 3rd party routers.

If you follow this process and your router still doesn't work, but your devices can connect to the internet directly, we recommend contacting the router manufacturer for further assistance.

Please note: Sharing your internet connection with other residents is against our Acceptable Use Policy for the BCB service. Any users identified as sharing their accounts will be liable for account suspension.

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