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Network Diagnostics - Windows

Send additional technical information about your PC's network adapters


Diagnostics provides us with information about your network adapter, the wireless environment, and your connection speed. This data better enables us to investigate your issue and assists in providing support. Follow these instructions to generate network diagnostics on your Windows device.

Finding your IPv4 Address

Where you are already connected to the VostroNet network you are able to open a web browser and go to  If you are connected to VostroNet correctly you will be provided with your User NameIP Address, and MAC Address.

Network Diagnostics Tool

Download the VostroNet Network Diagnostic tool below to simplify the data collection process
VostroNet Diagnostics Collection


1. Run the .exe file and click "Yes"

2. Press any key to close the window and a text file will be saved on your desktop.


3. Send the file to or upload the file at


4. If the Collection Tool doesn't work, follow the manual guide below using the command prompt  


Manually collect network diagnostics


1. Click the Start button and type CMD into the search box.

2. CMD or Command Prompt will be shown in the menu. Right-click, and select Run as Administrator.
3. Select yes on the security confirmation message to continue.

4. A black window will open. This is the Windows Command Prompt.


  • In the command prompt, you will need to type the following commands:


then press enter


IPCONFIG /ALL > %userprofile%\DESKTOP\LogIP.txt


then press enter


NETSTAT -R > %userprofile%\DESKTOP\LogNET.txt


then press enter


ARP -A > %userprofile%\DESKTOP\LogARP.txt


then press enter


Close the Command Prompt. 4 files will be on your desktop. 


Send the diagnostic files to or upload the file at


Include the following details in the message:

  • Your username
  • Room number
  • Summary of your issue.
  • Add the following files:

         - Speed test result: Include a screenshot of your speed test 

         - Diagnostic files: Upload the files from the diagnostic


Having trouble

If you are having any problems completing the diagnostic tests, let us know. We are here to help and can guide you through the process.

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