Connecting XBOX One


When you set up your Xbox One console for the first time, you are asked whether you would like to connect to the network. Here’s how to connect your Xbox One to the network, using both wired and wireless connections.

Follow these instructions to get your XBOX One console online.

Note: If you are unable to access the menus, please contact the support team for assistance with manually adding your device.


Connect your console to the network

  • Wireless: Connect to your building's assigned WiFi SSID. See reception if you do not know your building's WiFi SSID.
  • Ethernet (LAN cable): Where available, connect an Ethernet LAN cable directly from your console to the wall port in your room (or the E1/E2/E3 port on your wall-mounted wireless access point. Please note that E0/PT is not enabled for Internet Access).


1 (1).png

1. Login from your console

From the home screen, select My Games and Apps

Connecting XBOX One to VostroNet 2.png


2. Select Apps and open Microsoft Edge (web browser)

Connecting XBOX One to VostroNet 3.png


3. Wait for the Microsoft Edge web browser to open

Connecting XBOX One to VostroNet 4.png


4. Open the menu with the (Y) button and select Show Address Bar


Connecting XBOX One to VostroNet 5.png


5. Type into the address bar and select Go


6. Enter your Username and Password and select LOGIN


7. After login you will be shown the Q2 portal

your information.png


8. Your console should now be connected and able to access the internet.

Additional Support

Our support team is limited in the amount of support it can provide for the configuration of individual devices. For further assistance refer to the instruction manual of your device or contact the manufacturer for support.

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