Security Policy

Superloop is unable to make promises about the security of the service. You transfer and receive data at Your own risk. You are responsible for encrypting the data You transfer and protecting Your computer from unauthorised access.

More information regarding rights, responsibilities and terms of the service are available in the Critical Information Summary and General Terms and Conditions.

Additional information regarding Online Safety is available via the Australian Government eSafety Commissioner.

You can report a cybercrime, cyber security risk, incident or vulnerability using ReportCyber to the Australian Government Cyber Security Centre.


Website Security

When visiting, transacting and purchasing from Superloop, your details are passed through a secure server using at least 256-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology which is the industry standard.

Superloop endeavours to undertake all reasonable steps to ensure security when transacting with us. Always check that the web page you are visiting has the browser Secure padlock and https:// in the address bar.


Network Security

Superloop has deployed a number of additional security features on our network:

Security Policy.JPG

Wireless Security

Wireless connections may be significantly less secure than wired connections.

End User security is the responsibility of the End User and encryption methods should be used on all wired and wireless networks provided by Superloop. End Users should always utilise the appropriate Security, VPN and encryption technology as required.


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