Why am I using so much data?

Check your current data usage at any time in the portal


Our network runs at a very high speed.


With such a high speed it is very easy to transfer a lot of data in a very short period.


You can always check your current usage and graph at any time in the portal.


Sample Applications that consume large amounts of data

If you are unaware of how you are transferring the data usage make sure you check the following:

  • Dropbox/iCloud/Google Drive Sync Utilities
  • Background Processes (Such as bit torrents).
  • Peer to Peer (P2P) software running in the background
  • Ensure that any games are not enabled for peer downloading. This includes titles such as League of Legends
  • Skype voice or video or peer streaming traffic
  • YouTube or Streaming video or music playing in HD or UltraHD video. This may be the default setting
  • Auto updates of Software (Apple Update, iPhone/Android Updates, Windows Updates)
  • Ensure you have a firewall enabled, Windows File Sharing Disabled, and up-to-date Antivirus at all times
  • An example of standard data usage is below. Individual transfers will vary depending on the website, software, or activity.


Sample Activity Average Data Usage

Why am I using so much data.png

It is important to note that individual software or websites may use more than the above examples. You can track your usage at any time via the portal.

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