Wi-Fi Wall Mount Access Points

Managed WiFi locations only. For Residential or Business Support Find options here

A Wi-Fi wall point is a wireless access point supplied and installed on the wall within your apartment. They are only available at select locations.

Wi-Fi Access Points connect to our network and broadcast a Wi-Fi signal within your apartment, allowing you to connect your devices to the internet.


Wi-Fi Wall Mount Access Points 0.png


How do I get one?

Wi-Fi Access Points are only available at select locations. Most apartments will already have a Wi-Fi Access Point installed. If your device can see the Wi-Fi network, you do not need one.

If unsure, ask the management of your building or fill out a request at https://vost.ro/install.


Can I disconnect, move or relocate it?

No, the Wi-Fi Access Point must remain in its installed location. Wi-Fi access points must not be moved, tampered or interfered with as doing so may be considered an offence under the Criminal Code Act. If you have any concerns, or questions or need further help, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


Do you still offer a Wired Port?

Our Wi-Fi Wall points have three ports which are enabled for you to connect your wired devices*. On the side of the Wi-Fi access point plug your device into any of the Ports labelled E1, E2, E3. Please note that E0/PT is not enabled for Internet Access.


Wi-Fi Wall Mount Access Points 1.png


Can I still use my router?

As our Wi-Fi access points offer extended coverage in your apartment and the building, personal routers, repeaters, and retransmission devices may not be used within the buildings where we provide our Wi-Fi service. We reserve the right to block these devices at any time when they are detected on our network.


**Please note ethernet ports are only available at select locations

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